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The Catcher in The Rye


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- Holden Caulfield: The narrator of the novel, finds himself upset with his society. Throughout the novel he goes on a journey to find himself. Holden is immature although he attempts to act as if he is mature. Holden can not accept those who value materialistic items and labels them "phonies." Therfore, Holden is hypocritical and that causes him to self-destruct.

- Phoebe Caulfield: Holden's inteligent little sister, the only person that Holden can relate to. Holden visits her while in Manhattan, and while with her he decides that he would like to save children like her from becoming phonies. She also later convinces Holden to return home.

-D.B. Caulfield: Holden's brother who used to be a serious writer, but is now in Hollywood where he is writing for television programs. Holden views his brother as being a phony since he had "sold out" and given up his principles in return for money.

-Allie Caulfield: Holden's younger brother. Holden saw him as a symbol of innocence. Allie died of Leukemia.

-Ward Stradlater: Holden's roommate at Pency. Holden strongly disliked him as he saw him as a major phony, because Stradlater often put up an act in order to keep his image as a "jock" and to impress girls.

-Robert Ackley: Holden's dirty dorm mate at Pency. He is described as being odd looking.  The two  tolerated each other as both were isolated from the other students.

-Jane Gallagher: Holden's great love and almost girlfriend. Holden did not view her as a phony, because he knew her when she was younger. He was very upset that she was to go out with Stradlater. He believed Stradlater would make her a phony too.

-Mr. Spencer: Holden's history teacher at Pency Prep school. Holden visited him just before he left for Manhattan.

-Sally Hayes: Holden's attractive ex-girlfriend. He goes on a date with her while he is in Manhattan. This is most likely to illustrate to himself that he was able to carry on an adult relationship.

-Two Nuns: Holden meets these two at the train station where they are collecting money. Holden decides that they are only the only adults that have not become phony and therefore can retain their innocence.

- Ernie: Owner and piano player at the Wicker Bar. He was friendly with Holden's older brother, D.B., and is a perfect example of a phony.

-Sunny: A prostitute that Holden hires. While in his room, Holden just talks to her, as he is uncomfortable with the idea of sexual intercourse with her.

-Maurice: Sunny's pimp, who also runs the elevator at the hotel Holden was staying in. He takes advantage of Holden's immaturity to con him out of his money.

-Mr. Antolini: Holden's teacher at Elkton Hills. Holden visited him while in Manhattan and stayed at his apartment.