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The Catcher in The Rye

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50 Question Quiz

1: Where does the title of the novel come from?
(a): It is the title of Holden's favorite song
(b): It comes from a poem by Robert Burns
(c): It refers to a game that Holden and Allie would play
(d): It is a reference to Greek mythology

2: What is the name of the benefactor of Holden's dormitory wing?
(a): Fawcett
(b): Merriman
(c): Ossenburger
(d): Weiss

3: What is Phoebe's favorite movie?
(a): Dead Poets Society
(b): The 39 Steps
(c): The Wizard of Oz
(d): The Doctor

4: After his fight with Stradlater, Holden claims that he is a/an ________
(a): wimp
(b): anarchist
(c): sadist
(d): pacifist

5: Holden tells the girls he saw ________ at the Lavender Room.
(b): Peter Lorre
(c): Alfred Lunt
(d): Laurence Olivier


6: What is one of Holden's least favorite words?
(a): grand
(b): fabulous
(c): indeed
(d): phony

7: Which prep school did Holden NOT attend?

(b): Elkton Hills
(c): Pencey
(d): Whooton

8: How did Allie die?
(a): He died in a car accident
(b): He died of cancer
(c): He died of leukemia
(d): He was killed in World War II

9: Which of the following things does Holden NOT like?
(a): James Castle
(b): Allie Caulfield
(c): The nuns at Grand Central
(d): Hemingway's "A Farewell to Arms"

10: What smell permeates Mr. Spencer's home?
(a): Potpourri
(b): Cigar Smoke
(c): Vicks Nose Drops
(d): Alcohol


11: Which of these statements is not true?
(a): Holden dislikes Dick Slagle because of his cheap suitcases
(b): Holden dislikes Ernest Morrow because he is so well-respected
(c): Holden dislikes Ackley because he is a slob
(d): Holden dislikes Stradlater because he is a 'secret slob'

12: In what month does the story take place?
(a): January
(b): May
(c): November
(d): December

13: Why does Holden believe that everyone mistakes him for an older person?
(a): He has a perpetual five-o'-clock shadow
(b): He has prematurely graying hair
(c): He is 6'4"
(d): He uses obscure French words and phrases

14: Which sentence about Carl Luce's girlfriend is not true?
(a): She is Chinese
(b): She lives in

(c): She is a sculptress
(d): She is older than Carl

15: According to Holden, which item shows that Stradlater is a phony?
(a): His razor
(b): His suitcases
(c): His hound's-tooth jacket
(d): His baseball mitt


16: Why does Holden dislike museums?
(a): Holden's mother works in a museum
(b): Only phonies who want to appear intellectual visit museums
(c): Because they never change, they remind Holden of other changes
(d): Museums remind him of Allie

17: Which of the following was not one of Holden's teachers?
(a): Antolini
(b): Luce
(c): Vinson
(d): Spencer

18: After Holden fights Stradlater, what does he think about?
(a): Joining a monastery
(b): Shooting Stradlater
(c): Jumping out a window
(d): Moving to a ranch in

19: Which character does Holden talk to during the course of the novel?
(a): Jane Gallagher
(b): D.B. Caulfield
(c): Hazle Weatherfield
(d): Faith Cavendish

20: Where does Holden get drunk?
(a): Edmond Hotel
(b): Wicker Bar
(c): Lavender Room
(d): Ernie's


21: Which of the following characters symbolizes childhood innocence for Holden?
(a): Allie Caulfield
(b): Robert Ackley
(c): D.B. Caulfield
(d): Lillian Simmons

22: Which of the following items best symbolizes adulthood for Holden?
(a): Red Hunting Hat
(b): Little Shirley Beans Record
(c): Vicks Nose Drops
(d): Toenail clipper

23: Which is the significance of Stradlater's razor?
(a): The razor foreshadows how Holden will attempt suicide, distraught over Allie's boating accident.
(b): The razor shows how the conceited Stradlater is actually a slob.
(c): The razor symbolizes adulthood, for the more mature Stradlater must shave twice a day.
(d): The razor is a symbol of the violence of adulthood; adults must shave, but they risk getting cut.

24: Which of the following does not symbolize Holden's views on sex?
(a): Faith Cavendish
(b): The guests at the Edmond Hotel
(c): Sunny
(d): Mrs. Antolini

25: Which of the following statement about Jane Gallagher is not true?
(a): She represents innocent gender relations for Holden, who remembers her as the innocent girl with whom he played checkers.
(b): She represents Holden's inability to conceive of women as anything but entirely pure or entirely corrupt.
(c): She represents Holden's contempt for phoniness.
(d): Her relationship with her father-in-law represents Holden's distrust of adult authority.


26: Holden's stories illustrate all of the following themes except
(a): Holden's dysfunctional attitudes about sex
(b): Threatening adult authority
(c): Innocence of childhood
(d): Suicide as a healing measure

27: "I can very clearly see you dying nobly, one way or another, for some highly unworthy cause." This quote that Mr. Antolini gives Holden illustrates which of the following themes?
(a): Martyrdom as a noble sacrifice
(b): Suicide as an escape from Holden's problems
(c): Death as the only means to preserve childhood
(d): Violence as a mark of adulthood

28: Which of the following does not evoke the theme of 'phoniness' for Holden?
(a): Mr. Haas
(b): Joe Yale
(c): The Lunts
(d): Carl Luce

29: Which of the following best illustrates that Holden is in part a hypocrite?
(a): Dick Slagle's Suitcases
(b): Holden's Red Hunting Hat
(c): Phoebe's Little Shirley Beans Record
(d): Sally Hayes' Christmas Tree

30: Which of the following does not foreshadow a suicide attempt by Holden?
(a): James Castle
(b): Pneumonia
(c): The quote by Wilhelm Stekel
(d): The confrontation between Holden and Sally


31: What is the best interpretation of Mr. Antolini's behavior toward Holden?
(a): Like all of the adults Holden meets, Mr. Antolini is a dangerous sexual predator.
(b): Holden is so paranoid and suspicious of others that he automatically suspects the worst from Mr. Antolini.
(c): The drunk and delusional Holden has a hallucination; the event never actually happened.
(d): Mr. Antolini is a repressed homosexual who is having an affair with Carl Luce.

32: Holden's encounter with Lillian Simmons illustrates which of the following themes?
(a): Holden's inability to deal maturely with female sexuality
(b): Holden's inability to confront things that he dislikes
(c): Holden's contempt for anybody who does not belong to the same social class
(d): Holden's idealization of childhood

33: Which of the following best symbolizes the transition from childhood to adulthood?
(a): The gold ring on the carousel
(b): Stradlater's seduction of Jane Gallagher
(c): Carl Luce's criticism of Holden
(d): Holden's proposal to Sally Hayes

34: Which is the best interpretation of Holden's use of pseudonyms?
(a): Holden has contempt for others who are foolish enough to believe his lies.
(b): Holden is ashamed of who he is and tries to hide his identity.
(c): Holden fears that people will learn who he is and send him back to Pencey.
(d): Holden hates his family and thus wants to relinquish the Caulfield name.

35: All of the following are significant about Holden's essay for Stradlater except ________.
(a): It shows that Holden is still preoccupied with his brother's death.
(b): It shows that Holden is the only one who remembers Allie's death
(c): It shows that Holden is respected as an intelligent, talented writer despite his poor grades.
(d): It shows that Stradlater is so self-centered that he thinks Holden will automatically write it for him.


36: Which character does not assess Holden's problems with some degree of accuracy?
(a): Mr. Antolini
(b): Carl Luce
(c): Phoebe Caulfield
(d): Stradlater

37: What word does Holden use to describe sex?
(a): mysterious
(b): crumby
(c): phony
(d): disappointing

38: Which of the following is a possible explanation for why Holden started to distrust adults?
(a): Mr. Cudahy
(b): Mr. Antolini
(c): D.B. Caulfield
(d): Mr. Spencer

39: What is significant about Holden claiming to be twenty-two?
(a): Holden claims to be twenty-two because he is so eager to be accepted as a mature adult.
(b): Holden claims to be the age Allie would actually be if he had lived.
(c): Holden believes that by pretending to be older women will like him much more.
(d): Holden believes that he can pass for 22, but others easily realize that he is actually much younger.

40: All of the following could describe both Holden Caulfield and Stradlater except ________.
(a): Self-centered
(b): Arrogant
(c): Conceited
(d): Phony


41: What is Holden's standard response to any difficulty he faces?
(a): He refuses to back down, even when he knows he is wrong.
(b): He reacts violently, lashing out on anybody who provokes him.
(c): He breaks down into tears, apologizing for his mistakes without any real penitence.
(d): He does not face the situation and instead leaves.

42: Which of the following is not significant about Carl Luce?
(a): He has suffered through problems similar to Holden's and shows how one can get better.
(b): Unlike the other characters who criticize Holden, Carl is one of Holden's peers.
(c): He illustrates Holden's preoccupation with sex.
(d): He shows that Holden's mental problems are deeper and more significant than originally implied.

43: Based on the events of the novel, which character best articulates Salinger's view of Holden?
(a): Maurice
(b): Phoebe Caulfield
(c): Mr. Antolini
(d): Robert Ackley

44: Holden envisions death by all of the following methods except _________.
(a): Leukemia
(b): Nuclear Warfare
(c): Pneumonia
(d): Suicide

45: Which is the best interpretation of Sally's reaction to Holden's proposal?
(a): She is disgusted that Holden wants to act like an adult so soon.
(b): She thinks that Holden's idea is laughable and dismisses it as a joke.
(c): She think that Holden is confused, but does not comprehend the seriousness of his difficulties.
(d): She does not even consider the idea that she would go to a place where she could not see the Lunts' plays


46: Based on the final chapter, what is most likely to occur to Holden after the end of the novel?
(a): He may learn something from his difficulties and 'apply himself,' but there is a very strong possibility that he will continue to make similar mistakes.
(b): He will make a full recover and return to Pencey.
(c): He will regret his decisions for the rest of his life.
(d): He will find complete solace in therapy and antidepressants.

47: Which of the following is not significant about Bernice Krebs?
(a): Holden finds her interchangeable with her two friends and cannot see her as an individual.
(b): Holden neither likes her or respects her and appreciates her only as a sex object.
(c): Holden dislikes her because she has enthusiasm for seeing tourist attractions, while Holden cannot conceive of a person reasonably being excited about anything.
(d): Holden attempts to pretend that he is older around her, but she immediately sees through him.

48: Which of the following does not symbolize some aspect of childhood in the story?
(a): Jane Gallagher
(b): Sally Hayes
(c): The carousel
(d): The red hunting hat

49: Which of the following is not significant about the carousel?
(a): The carousel always play the same songs, and thus reassures Holden that some things do not change.
(b): Phoebe's attempt to reach the gold ring on the carousel shows that she is trying to grow up.
(c): Holden can only watch the carousel, but is so isolated from others that he cannot ride on it with Phoebe.
(d): The carousel reminds Holden of the innocence of childhood.

50: Which of the following is not true about D.B. Caulfield?
(a): He is dating an English actress.
(b): He was engaged to Lillian Simmons.
(c): He is a war veteran.
(d): He works as a screenwriter in Hollywood.









1. b
2. c
3. b

4. d

5. a

6. a

7. a

8. c

9. d

10. c

11. b

12. d

13. b

14. b

15. a

16. c

17. b

18. a

19. d

20. b

21. a

22. c

23. b

24. c

25. c

26. d

27. b

28. d

29. a

30. d

31. b

32. b

33. a

34. a

35. b

36. d

37. b

38. a

39. d

40. c

41. d

42. a

43. c

44. a

45. c

46. a

47. a

48. b

49. c

50. b


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