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The Catcher in The Rye


Important Vocabulary:



1. Hemorrhages- Bursting of blood Vessels


2. Ostracized- Shunned; Excluded; Left out


3. Qualms- Feelings of doubt


4. Compulsory- Required; Must be done


5. Groping- Reaching Blindly


6. Sadistic- Getting Pleasure from inflicting

pain on others


7. Ironical- Meaning the opposite of what is expressed


8. Exhibitionist- One who likes to show off and get attention


9. Unscrupulous- Attentive to duty; diligent


10. Fascinated- Held in attention of; Captivated


11. Pacifist- One who opposes the use of force under any circumstances


12. Lavish- Generous or liberal in giving or spending


13. Conscientious- Having no moral code; Unprincipled


14. Unanimous- Showing or based on total agreement


15. Incognito- In Disguise


16. Putrid- Rotten


17. Intimately- Privately, personally, very close


18. Humble- Lowly; unpretentious


19. Capacity- Ability to contain, absorb, receives and holds


20. Nonchalant- Showing a lack of concern; casual indifference


21. Frock- Coat; Cloak


22. Atheist- A person who believes there is no God


23. Random- Haphazardly; by chance


24. Bourgeois- Expensive and showy


25. Swanky- Smug, Conventional, 



26. Blase’- Having done something so much as to  bored by  it


27. Raspy- Grating


28. Inferiority- Strong feelings of inadequacy


29. Louse- A person regarded as mean or contemptible


30. Aristocratic- Of an upper class; distinguished


31. Boisterous- Noisy and unruly


32. Sophisticated- Worldly wise; Refined


33. Halitosis- Bad smelling breath


34. Expel- Push out by force


35. Frequently- Often


36. Digresses- Strays temporarily from the topic


37. Pedagogical- Characteristic of teaching or teachers


38. Stenographer- One who takes shorthand


39. Reciprocal- Interchangeable; Complimentary